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          TS-6200 Titanium Dioxide

          TS-6200 is a superdurable pigment that has excellent dispersion properties, high initial gloss and exceptional gloss retention. TS-6200 is suitable for most exterior applications, including automotive, powder, coil and general industrial.

          TS-6200 is a rutile pigment manufactured via Chemours's chloride process and supplied as a fine dry powder. Designed specifically for the most demanding durability applications, TS-6200 offers excellent gloss retention coupled with unique dispersing capabilities.

          TS-6200 offers the coating manufacturer several ways to reduce cost. Rapid and complete dispersion of TS-6200 not only lowers energy costs, it can also eliminate some grind operations (e. g., media milling). Low dispersant demand allows for less dispersant in the coating, which decreases cost and can improve the properties of the final paint film.

          Finally, formulators can take advantage of the unmatched durability of TS-6200 to lower the cost of expensive super-durable coatings while maintaining traditional levels of coating durability. By using TS-6200, costly resins can be replaced by less durable resins, or the amount of expensive durability additives (HALS, UV light absorbers, etc.) can be reduced, while still achieving the same durability as seen in coatings made with other TiO2 pigments.


          TS-6200 is recommended for high durability coatings in these market segments:

          • Automotive OEM topcoat and refinish
          • Aerospace coatings
          • Premium-quality exterior finishes and high durability exterior coil coatings
          • Powder coatings
          • Industrial OEM
          • Specialty coatings requiring superior gloss and tint retention


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