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          Evolving the Next Generation of Fluoroproducts

          Chemours Fluoroproducts help give ordinary things extraordinary capabilities, from the cars we drive to the smartphones we carry.

          Fluoropolymers and Fluorochemicals, From the Business That Invented Them

          Air conditioning with lower global warming potential (GWP). Communications equipment with built-in fire prevention to keep emergency responders safer. Clothing that weaves in renewably sourced chemistry to shed water like a duck's back. When we harness the power of fluorochemistry, we change lives. And life.

          Every day, our fluoropolymers help boost reception for smartphone antennas, stretch maintenance intervals for heavy machinery and protect circuits and engines from heat.

          We are always evolving our chemistry to support new applications and meet higher standards. For example, we have evolved the chemistry of automotive air conditioning and created Opteon™ YF, a refrigerant with a 99.9% reduction in global warming potential (GWP), compared to the current alternative, R-134a. We expect HFO technology, including Opteon™, to be in over 18 million vehicles by the end of 2016.

          Inventing a New Class of Chemistry

          Global Reach: Chemours Locations Worldwide

          58 Facilities




          Production Facilties


          R&D/Technical Centers



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